Frequently Asked Questions

How does the generator work?
The generator uses a generator of words in different languages, which has been realized from an unsupervised machine learning algorithms. For this, a base of 100,000 words in each languages was required.

Why this password generator?
Many people use as a password the name of someone close to them, their town or even their pet. Finally, knowing a person may be enough to determine their passwords. That’s why this site proposes to generate passwords that no one will be able to guess and yet are easy to remember.

Why a fake word generator instead of a 100% random password generator?
It should be noted that brute force tools use password dictionaries, however none of the passwords generated on this site are present on the classic dictionaries of brute force tools.
The passwords “scriborse” or “Guterobic” are as difficult to find using a brute force method as “yikefxeqt” or “bSykjMCMO” passwords.

Can I trust the passwords generated by the site?
Yes, passwords are not stored on the website and an encryption protocol is implemented to ensure that only the user is able to read the password.

I need a password with special characters and/or numbers. How do I get one?
The generated passwords do not contain any special characters or numbers. If you need them to register on a website, you can simply add a number and/or a special character at the end of the password.

Are passwords secure enough to register on a website?
Yes, the passwords generated by this site are complex enough for registration on any site. If a website imposes a password with special characters and/or numbers, it just indicates that the site is not able to ensure proper security for users by using appropriate measures to protect their accounts from brute force attacks, such as limiting the number of login errors over a period of time, using captcha or a two-factor authentication system.
However, if the policy of the site in question requires you to use other types of characters, you can always add special characters at the beginning or at the end of a password generated by this site.

Are passwords suitable for data encryption?
No, the passwords generated by this website are not suitable for encrypting data. If your password is used as an encryption key for an online account, an archive, or for any other reason, it is preferable to use a strong encryption with special characters.